Project Description

Northern Region

The North of Namibia is a classic kaleidoscope of colour, a mix of awesome lanscapes and abundant wildlife. From the huge canvasses of the Damaraland and Kaokoveld landscapes, to the free roaming wildlife in the conservancies and Etosha, the North of Namibia offers a true Africa experience that is rugged, natural, adventurous and soulful.

The North of Namibia is the part of the country that has the highest population density. This is partly due to the immigration of the Bantu peoples more than 500 years ago, but also because of the water available, rainfall and the vegetation found here. In the Extreme North, popularly referred to as the Four O’s, one will meet the Owambo peoples. This area sustains 60% of the entire countries population.

This does not apply to the whole North, as the North Western parts form part of the Northern Namib, and area which is as stark and unforbidding as it is beautiful. In this area you would meet the proud and statuesque himba.

The most wildlife is also found in the North. Etosha National Park, situated in the Kunene Region, is home to 114 mammals, 340 bird species and 110 reptiles species. It borders the communal areas of Kaokoland and Damaraland, vast stretches of unfenced land in which animals also roam free. More central one finds bushland savannah and thornbsh savannah, areas that are predominantly farmland, with a high concentration focussed on game. In the west the Northern Namib desert stretches along the coast, an area that is as beautiful as it is forbidding. Here one finds desert adapted animals, and no large herds, due to the scarcity of water.

The highlight areas in the Northern Region are Etosha, Bushmanland, Owamboland (the 4 O’s), Kaokoland, Skeleton Coast and Damaraland.


  • Etosha National Park
  • Nakambale Museum
  • Tsumeb Arts Performance Centre
  • Ongula Village Homestead Lodge
  • Track Desert Adapted Elephants and Rhinos
  • Visit a Himba Settlement
  • Epupa Falls
  • The Mysterious Lone Men
  • Twyfelfontein
  • Brandberg Mountain
  • Sesfontein Fort
  • Organ Pipes
  • Petrified Forest
  • Messum Crater
  • Spitzkoppe