Project Description

Coastal Region

The entire Namibia coastline is often referred to as the Skeleton Coast. This is due to the vast, barren stretches of white beaches, windswept, but also due to the fear that ancient mariners had of this coast. Typified by the harsh Atlantic Ocean against long lonely beaches, it is an image which burns itself into the mind, both of those who have seen it, as well as those who to date have only imagined it. The Government of Namibia has placed the entire coastline under its protection. From the Orange river through the previously forbidden area of the Spergebiet, through the difficulty accessible Namib Naukluft, along the Dorob (previously known as the West Coast Recreation Area) up through the Skeleton Coast to the Kunene, the entire coastline is now a National park.

This allows Namibia to conserve and protect these fragile environs in perpetuity, and to encourage responsible and sustainable tourism for the benefit of the country. As desolate and harsh as this coastline may seem, so is it beautiful. Just like the diamonds once found here, and still mined here, this area is pristine in its unadulterated beauty.


  • Sossusvlei
  • Deadvlei
  • Sandwhich Harbour
  • Swakopmund
  • Dune 45
  • Sesriem Canyon
  • Namibrand Nature Reserve
  • Duwisib Castle
  • Dorob National Park
  • Walvis Bay Lagoon
  • Swakopmund Museum
  • The Mole
  • Swakopmund Jetty
  • Skydiving
  • Sandboarding
  • Hafeni Township Tour
  • Cape Cross Seal Reserve
  • Skeleton Coast