The soul of Sense of Africa is our people. From a Travel Consultant to a Tour Guide, we are an intensely personal, highly motivated and passionate TEAM of skilled individuals who understand the industry and are committed to exceed customers’ expectations. We also promote a familiar environment to create a sense of family and belonging, ensuring more passionate staff – passionate about Sense of Africa and tourism.

We have a dedicated product development team to ensure we stay on the cusp of all new developments and are on the forefront of new innovation within the country. A team of trained and dedicated travel consultants, all of whom live in the destination and have in depth knowledge and valuable insight into lesser known tours and safari destinations, focus on service to our customers. Our contracting team ensures that we have the right availability and rates from suppliers.

The marketing and sales team ensure that our partners abroad are kept informed with relevant news and information. Our administrative team fulfill the functions of Finance, Admin, Human Resources and IT. Operationally we have our own workshop team with 7 staff, 3 of whom are fully qualified mechanics to ensure our transport meets the expectations of the International leisure guest.

Paul Brinkmann – Chief Operations Officer Sense Of Africa

A family man who loves endurance sport, his job and travel. Paul left his law partnership in 2003 to join Sense of Africa. Working in tourism provides the opportunity to travel and then to share those experiences with others, both professionally and personally, which he loves.

His favourite experience is sitting back at the end of a day after doing some high adrenaline activity with a glass of single malt in one hand and a fat cigar in the other, savouring life. His favourite food is a proper beef burger. The bigger and greasier the better, with all the trimmings, onions, bacon, avocado, chilli sauce and cheese together with fries and a beer. A real cholesterol bomb.


Alan Cragg
Chief Financial Officer

Kira Brinkmann
Sales & Marketing Director

Gunter Von Hundelshausen
Product Manager

Guido Roeschlau
Contracting Manager

Tanya Van As
Operations Manager

Vivienne van Wyk
Financial Manager