The Bishop Kameeta Story

The Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten is the noble idea of Mrs Anna Magdalena Fredericks, who acts as the head of this non-profit day care and pre-primary centre. Mrs Fredericks realised that the children living on the streets of Katutura have no future if they do not receive basic care and a pre-school education. Thus, the Kindergarten was opened on 07th January 2007.


Aim of The Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten

The Kindergarten aims to enhance the lives of orphaned, HIV-infected or abandoned children, and to meet their physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs, all of which are essential elements for meaningful and positive development. In their own words they put their mission very simply as empowering children to ensure them a brighter future. Their second aim is to give children a basic education that will enable them to be ready for school by the age of 6 years.

Our Support & Achievements

In 2009, Mrs Anna Fredericks contacted us asking for urgent assistance, as she would be forced to close the Kindergarten without financial support. View a list of our achievements at The Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten over the past 10 years. Every year we go a little bit further.


Want To Get Involved?

Show your support by helping the Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten today. Donations of all kinds are welcome!




Pictures from the Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten