Eco Awards

Tourvest Destination Management Namibia is a proud bearer of 5 Eco Flowers, which is the highest eco grading possible for a tour operator.

An intense examination programme is conducted by Eco Awards Namibia governing body –  this organisation serves as a mark of distinction for establishments and tour operators that plan and manage according to eco-friendly principles. The programme promotes the selective and careful use of our resources, promoting reducing, recycling and reusing and also uplifting the communities in the areas where tours are conducted.

Then in June 2016 Tourvest Destination Management Namibia became the first company to win the prestigious Namibia Responsible Tourism Award. To register we needed to be in possession of at least 4 ECO Flowers, but also needed to provide evidence of outstanding performance, measured against the principles of sustainable tourism. These criteria included providing proof for sustainable management, protection of natural resources, responsible waste handling, building & landscaping, staff training and positioning inside environmental sustainability procedures, legal compliance and social responsibility initiatives aimed at poverty eradication.

Winning this award gives us the reassurance that our objective in making a difference in our natural and social environment is being fulfilled.

We are proud to have an exceptional team of over 70 staff members who live by the rule of reusing and recycling and continuously display energy and passion into uplifting our Namibian cultural diversity.